I'm the Party Pooper

I'm the Party Pooper

Running without a political party has been a great decision.  The nearly-universal reaction among Dubuque County residents has been along the lines of: “Thank you!  I am tired of the parties dividing everyone, I just want someone who is qualified for the job.”  Dubuque County voters want to vote for the candidate, not the party.

But a few people still worry about strategy more than principal.  “If I vote for you,” the thinking goes, “maybe it’s splitting the vote with my party and then, horror of horrors, the other guy will win!” 

I have a few thoughts about that:

  1. Asking the question is evidence we are winning, because I hear it from both sides. Democrats worry about splitting the vote and letting the Republican win; Republicans worry about splitting votes and “yet another” Democrat taking office.  The truth is I get my support from voters of both parties, in addition to the huge number of Dubuque voters who do not have a declared party.  Yes, the votes will be split—that’s how we win!

  2. The parties have a vested interest in sowing doubt about a non-party candidate, and their playbook does not extend much further than generalized fearmongering. There is no actual evidence that one party candidate or the other benefits from me being in the race, and I intend to beat them both.  The parties have traditionally discouraged voting third-party by asserting that you “shouldn’t throw your vote away!” 

  3. It’s easy to talk about being dedicated to the common good, but when tested, party candidates often follow party instead of principles. Politicians and candidates tell me they support me and are more independent than their party, but would not dare to publicly say the same thing.  Your representatives should have the courage to do the right thing—how many of them have actually been tested?

Prioritizing political party over professionalism is how we end up with actors rather than doers in office—look no further than the current County Attorney.  On November 8, vote for a track record of service and professionalism, not party.

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