Recent Unpleasantness Continues

Please refer to my actual record of prosecuting cases if you have questions about my job performance.  Also feel free to ask your neighbors who have been jurors, law enforcement officers, victim advocates, crime victims, defense attorneys, or who have been otherwise affected by the criminal justice system.  Heck, ask Sam Wooden or Scott Nelson.

Ms. Newsom’s complaint, my suspension, and the subsequent other allegations of insubordination are all politically motivated.  From my campaign announcement in February, C.J. May has been focused on manufacturing some kind of dirt he can sling at me rather than managing his office.  He directed Ms. Newsom to try to find dirt on me instead of focusing on her job.   That misguided effort has had a terrible effect on the administration of justice, not to mention costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars.

The complaint of harassment by me against Ms. Newsom was already investigated and unsubstantiated.  Contrast with multiple prior complaints against Mr. May that were never investigated by the County.

Mr. May’s conduct towards me is consistent with his mismanagement of the office generally.  He is the source from which the toxicity in the office extrudes.  Dubuque County deserves better, and I am committed to providing that. 

It’s a beautiful day in Dubuque County, and even better days are ahead!

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